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Airlite Sunlight Exterior

Airlite Sunlight Exterior - Paints, Coatings & Adhesives

Airlite Sunlight Exterior is a mineral, inorganic exterior paint with high breathability. It is available in white and numerous colors. Provided in a powder form, it needs to be mixed with water before application. The technology of Airlite is recommended by the Italian Ministry of Environment via Article (G.U. n. 84 - 9 April 2004) - Innovative Systems and Technologies for the mitigation and removal of environmental pollution. Airlite Sunlight Exterior is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the gold level. Airlite Sunlight Exterior is a new, revolutionary technology, conceived and designed to clean the air of the spaces in which we live and work and where we spend our leisure time. Airlite is a bacteria-resistant and mold-resistant paint. Bacteria and mold are reduced on the surface by the double action of surface oxidation and high alkalinity, which, combined, prevent them from surviving. Its high durability and self-cleaning effect ensure better conditions of the infrastructure, reducing the frequency of painting and maintenance. Effective against the disruptive action of water, rain, acid rain and smog and it retains a high level of surface breathability. Furthermore, it has a high reflectance power and prevents the excessive flow of heat into buildings, ensuring cooler environments cuts cooling costs by up to 29%. Activated in the presence of light, the effectiveness is preserved with limited to no reduction of performance due to the catalytic nature of the technology. With the application a single coat of tinted Airlite Primer and a single coat of Airlite Sunlight Exterior, an excellent aesthetic performance and a finely velvety natural finish is guaranteed, reducing the time of application. The special inorganic composition of the paint is in class A2-s1, d0 regarding fire classification (UNI EN 13501-1:2009). The VOC content is less than 0.1 g/l in the white colored product when being applied (European Directive 2004/42/CE).

Airlite is LEED, WELL and BREEAM compliant: Airlite products can help you get points for LEED, WELL and BREEAM certification of buildings. Further details on LEED, WELL and BREEAM compliancy can be found on our website or upon request. Certified to GS-11 Ed. 3.2

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2019
Brand: Airlite
Item Information: MU 18500 | MU7100/3 | MU10800/3