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AEPD VOX 1000 - Verified Materials

AEPD™ VOX 1000 is a high-performance, multifunctional additive ideal for low-odor, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) water-based architectural and industrial coatings applications. With a very mild odor, high boiling point, and low vapor pressure, AEPD VOX 1000 can be used in very low-emission paint formulations that comply with ISO 16000-3, ISO 16000-6, CA 1750, and the Chinese VOC emission regulation GB/T 35602-2017. It has also been shown to help extend the microbial resistance in certain waterborne formulations (including mineral slurries) when used in combination with approved biocides, supporting the development of green label / eco-label coatings formulations.

This product has been verified by Green Seal, but is not certified to a standard.

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