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AMP-95™ Multifunctional Additive

AMP-95™ Multifunctional Additive - Verified Materials

Green Seal Verification confirms that this raw material meets the chemical-specific requirements of Green Seal’s GS-11 (Paints, Coatings, Stains, and Sealers), GS-41 (Hand Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers for Industrial and Institutional Use), GS-44 (Soaps, Cleansers, Hand Sanitizers, and Shower Products), and GS-50 (Personal Care and Cosmetic Products) standards. Our verified raw materials help you find pre-approved alternatives for existing formulations, explore options when designing new products for Green Seal certification, and avoid surprise hazardous impurities, unintended by-products that can cause delays, and expensive reformulations. AMP-95™ (95% 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol in an aqueous solution) is a multifunctional additive and synthetic building block. The versatility, compatibility, and preferred environmental profile of AMP-95 is valued across a wide range of applications and markets. It provides high-efficiency pH control, enhances dispersion of pigments and latex, controls corrosion, and provides compatibility and stability to water-based formulations. AMP has exceptional thermal and UV stability and is highly resistant to yellowing.

This product has been verified by Green Seal, but is not certified to a standard.

Product Details:

Brand: AMP-95™