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Blue Scrubbing Pad

Blue Scrubbing Pad - Cleaning Tools & Supplies

Blue cleaner floor pads are designed for routine scrubbing, and removing dirt and scuff marks from heavily-soiled floors prior to recoating. Made of 100% polyester fiber that comes from 100% post-consumer and industrial recycled waste materials, these pads are formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time it takes conventional pads once discarded into an active landfill. Green Seal-certified, the construction is an open textured, nonwoven pattern bonded with a durable adhesive and water-based resins making it an environmental choice in floor pads. This pad is designed for use on both sides, making it very economical to use.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2023
Company: Swish Group
Brand: Swish Clean & Green Pads
SKU: 7000029758, 7000029759, 7000029762, 7000052407, 7000052408, 7000052410, 7000052411, 7000052420, 70071165511