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Coastwide Professional 64 Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Coastwide Professional 64 Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner - General Purpose Cleaners

Coastwide Professional™ 64 Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a highly efficient cleaner for floors, walls, woodwork, and other washable surfaces. Powerful cleaning agents will quickly remove soils without dulling, damaging, etching or harming floor finishes, even when used for daily applications. Leaves no film or residues. It is safe for cleaning terrazzo, marble and other surfaces sensitive to low and high pH. This product is also designed to be used for daily auto scrubbing or damp mopping of hard surface floors. Coastwide Professional 64 is a safe, versatile product that does not sacrifice performance. It will clean, degrease, brighten and deodorize floors, windows, walls, countertops, toilets, sinks and many other surfaces not harmed by water.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2004
Company: Staples
Brand: Coastwide Professional
SKU: CW064CN01-A, CW064EC03-A, CW064EM03-A