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Cream Cleanser Natural

Cream Cleanser Natural - General Purpose Cleaners

Cream Cleanser Natural is a multi-purpose plant-based cleanser that easily removes soap scum, organic residues and hard water salts, scuffs, grease, rubber marks, and stubborn stains while using bio-based ingredients. Cream Cleanser Natural is formulated to penetrate and remove difficult soils, rust tarnish, and other similar deposits from oxidized metal surfaces, leaving surfaces cleaner and brighter.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2023
Company: Project Clean
Brand: Project Clean
SKU: A100940-12cy, A100940-32oz, A100940-6c24, A100941-12an, A100941-946, A10094106c16
UPC: 84172111063, 841728111070, 841728111087, 841728111094, 841728111100, 841728111117