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Earth Sense Evergreen Finish

Earth Sense Evergreen Finish - Floor Care

EVERGREEN™ FINISH marks a milestone in floor finish technology. Using cutting edge DURA-TECH™ polymer technology, this product exhibits exceptional wear and long lasting durability characteristics. Superior gloss and response when buffed with any speed equipment, EVERGREEN™ FINISH creates a new benchmark for green-certified floor finish performance. EVERGREEN™ FINISH Super-Durable Green Sealer/Finish is recommended for use in Federal, State and Local Government Offices, Military Bases, Municipal Facilities, Day Care Centers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, Parks and Recreation Centers, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Lodging and any facility sensitive to environmental and human health characteristics.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2014
Brand: Earth Sense
SKU: 0508-21, 0508-29, 0508-32, 0508-56
UPC: 752610005080, 752610105087, 752610505085