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e.logical GO2 Concentrate Oxygenated Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Spotter

e.logical GO2 Concentrate Oxygenated Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Spotter - General Purpose Cleaners

GO₂ Concentrate is a multi-purpose cleaner fortified with Hydrogen Peroxide. This stable combination along with a specialized surfactant system quickly attacks the most stubborn soils and stains on virtually all surfaces not harmed by water alone. A perfect choice for cleaning ceramic tile countertops or shower walls to remove mold and mildew. Helps to bring back the original new grout appearance with color safe oxygen bleaching. GO₂ Concentrate also makes a great choice for general carpet spotting. Use it as a laundry pre-spotter on soiled clothes before laundering. Leaves no oily residue behind, and rinses freely with water. Butyl free, contains no caustic bleaching agents. Biodegradable and environmentally responsible. Closed loop packaging sizes available for use in the e.mix dilution control units. • Certified by Green Seal under the GS37 4th Edition standards.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2004
SKU: EM005-644, GS005-D30, GS005-D55, GS005-G2, GS005-P5, GS005-Q12, GS005-T275