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Essence Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Emulsifier

Essence Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Emulsifier - Specialty Cleaners

Essence is a heavy-duty degreaser and emulsifier that earned Green Seal certification for meeting the GS-37 standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use. It is designed for use in difficult-to-clean areas such as trash rooms, kitchens, garages, machine shops, warehouses, truck and bus cleaning stations, and public facilities. Highly concentrated; only 4 ounces per gallon of water is required. Essence is readily biodegradable and contains no organic or chlorinated solvents, caustics, or acids. It can be used in foam apparatus and pressure washers.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2007
Company: Daycon
Brand: Daycon
SKU: 207909, 816812
UPC: 704474017709, 704474050343