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AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 Multifunctional Amino Alcohol

AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 Multifunctional Amino Alcohol - Verified Materials

Green Seal Verification confirms that this raw material meets the chemical-specific requirements of Green Seal’s GS-41 (Hand Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers for Industrial and Institutional Use), GS-44 (Soaps, Cleansers, Hand Sanitizers, and Shower Products), and GS-50 (Personal Care and Cosmetic Products) standards. Our verified raw materials help you find pre-approved alternatives for existing formulations, explore options when designing new products for Green Seal certification, and avoid surprise hazardous impurities, unintended by-products that can cause delays, and expensive reformulations. AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 is a multifunctional additive for personal care applications. It is used as a neutralizer, stabilizer, and pigment dispersion aid and provides rapid, effective, and efficient neutralization without yellowing. AMP-ULTRA PC 2000 is compliant with the industry’s most stringent standards and regulations worldwide for personal care and cosmetics applications.

This product has been verified by Green Seal, but is not certified to a standard.

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