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Momar Tough-As-Nails Green

Momar Tough-As-Nails Green - Floor Care

25% solids zinc-free floor coating. Self-interlocking, high-durability, high-gloss, low-maintenance. Provides the toughest protection available for vinyl, linoleum, rubber, terrazzo, asbestos-containing tiles, sealed wood, and cork floors. Tough against traffic, spills, and gloss-killing dirt, grit, and sand. Low odor, slip resistant, scuff resistant, and wear resistant. Self-sealing, so a separate sealer is not required. Non-yellowing polymers reduce the need to strip. Dries faster than most metal-interlocking floor finishes. High coverage rate of 2100 to 2600 square feet per gallon. Eligible to earn points under LEED’s Green Cleaning Products and Materials Credit. Excellent soil resistance, detergent resistance, recoatability, buffability, and removability. Designed to be cleaned with Envision, buffed/burnished with Hammer, and stripped with Pry-Bar.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2016
Company: Momar
Brand: Momar
SKU: M13429, M13430, M13431, M13432, M13433, M13434, M13435, M13436