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Pro-Link Full Cycle Floor Pads

Pro-Link Full Cycle Floor Pads - Cleaning Tools & Supplies

The Pro-Link Full Cycle® floor pad line provides solutions for the full range of hard floor care needs, from polishing and buffing to scrubbing and stripping. Pads are available in round, rectangular, and trapezoidal shapes to fit a wide range of floor care machines. Made with 100% recycled PET and natural fibers. Made with water-based latex, avoiding phenolic-based resins. In a controlled test simulating landfill conditions, results showed that Pro-Link pads biodegraded 92.5% over a time span of 616 days. End-of-life instructions are provided to market for disposing of used pads to landfills with methane-to-energy collection systems where facilities exist. Demonstrated performance equal to, and in some cases, superior to that of competitive products available in the market.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2018
Company: Pro-Link
Brand: Pro-Link