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Safely Dish Soap - Bright

Safely Dish Soap - Bright - Hand Care

Hand wash, prewash, and dishwasher-approved. Formulated to meet all of your dishwashing needs, the dish soap is packed with active, plant-powered ingredients that clean and sanitize with a scent that transports you to a day at the spa. Developed for use in warm and cold water, this low-sudsing formula removes tough cooking stains, grease, and baked-on messes while protecting and nourishing hands. Incorporate into your dishwashing and prewashing routines for an experience that will have you searching for more dishes to clean. Our custom Bright scent features top notes of pink grapefruit and cassis, followed by notes of rose, violet, amber, and cedarwood. it smells bright and crisp, with a sparkle. It smells a-a-amazing.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2024
Company: Shop Safely LLC
Brand: Safely
SKU: HDS-006-16