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Safely Dish Soap - Fresh

Safely Dish Soap - Fresh - Hand Care

Hand wash, prewash, and dishwasher-approved. Formulated to meet all of your dishwashing needs, the dish soap is packed with active, plant-powered ingredients that clean and sanitize with a scent that transports you to a day at the spa. Developed for use in warm and cold water, this low-sudsing formula removes tough cooking stains, grease, and baked-on messes while protecting and nourishing hands. Incorporate into your dishwashing and prewashing routines for an experience that will have you searching for more dishes to clean. Fresh smells like a citrus tree swaying in a cool breeze on the Amalfi coast. Top notes of basil, mandarin, and lime with undernotes of musk, amber, violet, and lily.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2024
Company: Shop Safely LLC
Brand: Safely
SKU: HDS-007-16