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TerraGreen Kick

TerraGreen Kick - General Purpose Cleaners

TerraGreen® Kick® is a scale remover for showers, toilet bowls, urinals, and restroom care. It removes built-up hard water scale, rust, soap scum, mold stains, and mildew stains. TerraGreen® Kick® is worker-friendly, with a low odor that leaves no harsh fumes. It dilutes three ways, based on soil load (Normal: 1:64, Heavy-Duty: 1:32, or Extra Heavy-Duty: 1:16).

CDCC As-Used acute toxicity

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2010
Brand: TerraGreen
SKU: 191028-33, 191028-34, 191028-R3, 191028-RD
UPC: 793985019517, 793985019523, 793985019536, 793985019540