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WhiskLotion 120

WhiskLotion 120 - Hand Care

WhiskLotion 120 is an all purpose lotion soap for the hands, as well as for the entire body. An economical choice for offices, schools, government and institutional facilities. The rich lather and cleaning power attacks dirt and grime so it can be readily rinsed down the drain.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2016
Company: Whisk Products
Brand: WhiskLotion
SKU: 0 86952 00145 6, WL-120-08, WL-120-08-12, WL-120-32, WL-120-32-4, WL-120-55, WL-120-C, WL-120-C-8, WL-120-FT, WL-120-FT-4, WL-120-SN, WL-120-SN-4