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WhiskLotion 157

WhiskLotion 157 - Hand Care

WhiskLotion 157 is a foaming lotion soap. It is pink in color with a fruity fragrance. It is extremely mild and yet a highly effective cleaner. For use in schools, institutions, offices and other places where cleanliness is of primary importance.

Product Details:

Certified Since: 2014
Company: Whisk Products
Brand: WhiskLotion
SKU: WL-157-050-S, WL-157-55, WL-157-C, WL-157-C-4, WL-157-C-6, WL-157-C-8, WL-157-F, WL-157-F-12, WL-157-F-6, WL-157-F-8, WL-157-SN, WL-157-SN-4, WL-157-T-4, WL-157-TOTE