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WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner

WORX Biodegradable Hand Cleaner - Hand Care

Since 1994, WORX® Biodegradable Hand Cleaner has proven to be a leader in industrial hand cleaning. It easily removes dirt, grease, oil and other tough industrial contaminants without drying, cracking or damaging your skin. It contains no harsh abrasives such as; plastic micro-beads, pumice, nuts or shells. It is non-allergenic, eliminates odours, is certified as food safe, and is pH balanced, helping to prevent dermatitis and promote healing of damaged skin. WORX® was the first biodegradable industrial hand cleaner to receive green certification with Green Seal and meets or exceeds today’s green environmental standards. In addition, WORX® low cost per use benefit makes it competitively priced over other hand cleaning brands. One 4.5lb bottle will last one mechanic a year. WORX® concentrated powder formula results in lower freight and storage costs, since you are not shipping and storing water!


Product Details:

Certified Since: 2000
Brand: WORX
SKU: 11-1104, 11-1300, 11-1450, 11-1650-12, 11-2300, 11-2450
UPC: 6 21749 00002 3, 6 21749 00022 1, 6 21749 00100 6, 6 21749 00184 6, 6 21749 01362 7